Get Referrals Naturally

Programs and coaching to help you get referrals—
without manipulating, incentivizing, or even asking.

Get referrals naturally

Online courses and coaching to help you get referrals— without manipulating, incentivizing, or even asking.

Get referrals

Online courses and coaching to help you get referrals—
without manipulating, incentivizing, or even asking.

Asking for referrals can be painful.

You want to grow your business by serving more clients. And while you know the easiest way to get those clients is through referrals, you’d rather do just about anything than ask for them. 

That’s because bugging people for referrals feels inauthentic and awkward, and you worry about coming across as desperate. (So many people do, don’t they?)


You shouldn’t have to compromise
who you are— or your relationships—
to grow your business. 



Running a business can feel like feast or famine.

So much of running a successful business relies on referrals that pay off, but asking people for them is downright squirmy. In fact, my first business failed because I didn’t have a sustainable model for landing new clients! That all changed when I realized the surprising secret to getting referrals. (Spoiler alert: It’s not about asking for them!)

Since then, I’ve taught thousands of business owners a simple, wildly effective process for generating referrals that’s rooted in relationship, not manipulation.

The strategy is simple and 

For decades, sales gurus have taught referral tactics that require networking, prospecting, cold calling, incentivizing, and a whole lot of asking. Ugh.

My approach is one you can feel good about using.

    Decidedly anti-cheese, my system allows you to be the real you.
    No more losing sleep over “using” people you care about!
    I’ve dug into the research and fine-tuned a process based on what psychologists tell us is the real reason people give referrals. 
    You learn both the what and the how, down to the exact words to use when connecting with referral sources.
    Instead of trying to be in the right place at the right time—which,
    let’s be honest, requires you to be everywhere all the time—my
    system brings referrals to you.


It’s working across industries.

Before Stacey’s programs, I averaged about 3 referrals a year.  Now I have a sustainable strategy that produces results year after year – 15 referrals in my first year and then 17 referrals in my second year.  Quadrupled results that just keep coming!
David Ferguson
Financial Planner
From 12 referrals a year to 40 referrals in my first year.  Then 60 referrals in year two, 72 the year after and 82 referrals last year! Generating referrals naturally allows me to be authentic and have results!
Katherine Taylor
I’m receiving more referrals and repeat business than before!  I’m also spending less money and saving time – by focusing on my real sources the right way has made me more profitable too!
Diana Colin
Real Estate Agent

Choose the program best for you.


An online program for those with more than five referral sources.

In just 4 easy-to-implement steps, this online program helps you create, execute, and automate a process that results in more referrals from your existing sources.


An online program for those with less than four referral sources.

This online program, titled How to Turn Clients & Contacts into Referring Machines, provides a step-by-step process to identify potential referral sources, then lays out the exact process (including the right language) to cultivate them into a referring relationship.


Access to all online trainings and tons of hands-on, customized support.

Lovingly described as “the whole enchilada,” this program truly has it all. Over the course of one year, I’ll personally help you implement a customized referral strategy for your business. In other words, it’s where we combine all the referral strategies + access to me + accountability by me + all the hand-holding you need. 


Fastest way to get your business executing on a multi-layered referral strategy.

After completing the assessment, I build you a multi-layered referral strategy based on what you need.  Then in one day, we finalize and implement the strategies. Yes – I come to your office (travel limitations apply) and your team is included in our VIP Day (if you have one). I provide you everything you need, live and in-person.

Here’s how we define a Referral Source:

A referral source can be a client (current or previous), a center or sphere of influence, friend and sometimes even family. What makes them a referral source is that they’ve referred you at least one new potential client.


Referral Ninja Roadmap

Let go of “always be asking” and discover a referral-generation strategy you’ll actually feel good about using.


You’re probably wondering…

All my programs are designed to be incredibly high impact and offer incredible value. 

  • Growth by Referrals, a program for those with more than five referral sources, is $1997. Here’s what you get.
  • Referring Machines, a program for those with less than four referral sources, is $1497. Here’s what you get.
  • Building a Referable Business™ provides access to all of my referral strategies plus access to me through weekly Q&A sessions. We build 90 Day Sprints so you can move at your pace to put the strategies in place. You must complete an application as we keep the group small due to the level of access, feedback and customization. Here’s what’s included and how you apply.
  • VIP Referrals in Day™ is my most hands-on offering where we combine speed and access to build you a multi-layer referral strategy for your business. You complete an assessment which allows me to build your customized referral strategy and then we execute on it in one day, at your office. Here’s where you learn more and apply.

First and foremost, this is the approach I used to grow my own business and still actively use it today. It’s also working for thousands of business owners like these:

“Our bookkeeping firm averaged about 2 referrals a month before starting to work with Stacey. After following the program, my monthly referrals increased to 6! From about 20 referrals per year to more than 70 in a year… I experienced an increase of 350% in referrals.  Carolina Aponte, CAJA Holdings, (Bookkeeping Firm)

“We love working with Stacey and her program! In our first 3 months we received 12 new referrals and then 36 referrals in a year. Now we are averaging 30 referrals per quarter!   Working Stacey’s methodology is a powerful weapon in our arsenal. Plus referred prospects are easier to close because they are a warmer prospect with less of a hurdle to overcome and truly accelerate sales conversations.” Mark McIntosh, RevGrow (Lead Gen Consulting Firm)

“With most of my leads coming through the internet searches and Houzz, I shifted to focus on referrals for the first time when I joined Stacey’s program. I’m thrilled that in my first year I generated 14 referrals.”  Risha Walden, Walden Interiors (Interior Designer)

Still not sure? Read the answer to the next question to see if you’re onboard with my philosophy.

There are many ways to generate referrals but I believe my way is the best way. Let me tell you why:

Every expert or guru out there teaches what they know (supposedly). They form a philosophy that is at the center of what they believe and then teach. And their philosophy informs the strategies and processes they teach you. From those strategies and processes come the tactics and tools they believe you need to use to be successful.

So, when you make a decision to listen to an expert or guru make sure you understand their philosophy first. It allows you to be a better consumer of their message, marketing and ultimately their materials and products.

To fully understand what I am all about it is important you understand my philosophy. Then you can decide if it works for you.

Referrals only come from relationships.
Relationships come from connections.
And connections are built through ongoing touch points.

I believe referrals are the least understood, least utilized and hands down the BEST tactic in our Sales & Marketing/Business Development toolbox.I believe the ability to generate referrals is a skill you NEED to master…and totally can…all while respecting your comfort zone.

I’m a contrarian to the decades of advice out there on generating referrals and I know it. I also have results on my side so I know you don’t have to follow the conventional advice just because it’s all that has been available for the last 30 years or so. Most advice given on generating referrals is to receive referrals you have to ask. To receive referrals, you need a gazillion touchpoints mailed and emailed every month or week. And to receive referrals you have to know how to manipulate the situation.

In my opinion these are all wrong. Dead wrong. And it is this type of advice that leads people to write off referrals as a practical strategy to use to grow their client base.

I know there are plenty of businesses out there doing just fine without generating referrals in their business.

But if you want referrals, you’re going to need to build a plan that you will follow.  By building a plan to generate referrals in my business – and my clients’ businesses – we are able to save time, bring on better clients and make more money. We know that by following the plan – the system – we can count on referrals consistently and continuously (and not feel uncomfortable).

The cool thing is, you don’t need to spend much money (or time) in order to attain success. You just need to have an understanding of WHAT to do (the HOW) and a shoestring budget.



Referrals should come naturally.

Stop alienating your people and authentically get the word out about all the good you bring to the world.