Referral No-No #1

Ep #106: Referral No-No #1

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Here are some episode highlights:

While there are many big, huge no-no’s I see people commit when trying to generate referrals consistently… there are 7 big ones that top the list. These are the things you shouldn’t be doing if you want to generate referrals consistently and predictably in your business.

In this episode, we dive into the first big no-no. And throughout the next few episodes I’ll break down all 7 of them.

And there is a pretty good chance you’ve committed one – or more – of these No-No’s so join me in our Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and on the episode #106 post, please let me know if you are guilty of committing this No-No!

Last Chance for the LIVE Goals Reset Opportunity:

Sign up now for either of the Goals Reset trainings… Wednesday, June 24th or Friday, June 29th. It’s time to really assess the first 6 months and set your goals for the rest of 2020.

Coming Up:

Next episode is #107 and the referral no-no #2.

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