Schooling While Working

Ep #116: Schooling While Working… Helping Kids Thrive

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Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

Challenging isn’t the right word.

It doesn’t seem to do justice or begin to describe the juggling act that parents – who are working – are attempting to manage with kids schooling from home.

The younger the kids, the increase of crazy.

And stress.

So we are looking at two sides of “Working While Schooling” coin.

This episode – we are looking at tips to help kids thrive. And I brought in an education consultant, who’s a retired educator, to show us the way.

Dive in now to my interview with Kathi (Kathleen) Wilson, KSW Educational Concepts. She shares so much good stuff – so many tips and strategies to help our kids thrive.

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Episode Resources:

KSW Educational Concepts

Connect with Kathi on LinkedIn

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #117 and we’ll look at 3 specific productivity tips to help you survive schooling while working.  

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