your prospecting plan is part of your sales plan

Ep: #011 & #012: Building Your Prospecting Plan (Part One & Two)

We are diving in and unpacking what it takes to build a prospecting plan which is a necessary part of the sales process. For this topic, I recorded one continuous file to help with the flow of covering the three points of building a prospecting plan. Then I sliced the recording in half…the first half being episode #011 and the second half being episode #012.
Which means episode #011 will leave you hanging when you finish it and episode #012 won’t make any sense if you start with it.

This is the show notes for both episodes including the link to download the Sales Funnel Activity.

Here are some highlights:

Episode #011:

We unpack the three plans your business needs to have a solid sales or business development process.  Since episode #002 is dedicated to explaining all three plans I keep this at a high level but want to make sure you understand the prospecting plan in context.

We also discussed my perception on why business owners shy away from “sales” or “prospecting” by looking at it from the lens of how it has been taught for decades – for the superstar, full-time professional salesperson.

Learning from my friend Jen Gluckow from Sales in a NY Minute we understand we need to shift our thinking from “selling” to “helping.”
The ultimate goal is to re-frame our thinking on sales. I know, I know, easier said than done but necessary as we move into the next step of building out our own customized sales funnel.

Episode #012:

The three parts of the sales funnel are awareness, buyer’s journey and the close. To build your prospecting plan you need to identify the lead generation sources (or activities) that will deliver you prospects so you can fill up the pipeline or funnel.

In the episode we discuss the different activities or sources of the prospecting plan. You need to consider which of those activities – or others you come up with – should work for you.

Then you need to develop an action plan for each activity or source. 

This is critical if you want to have results! Download the Sales Funnel exercise to walk your through identifying which sources will fill your pipeline.

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Links to Show Resources:

Episode #002 – The three plans your business needs to grow

Where Referrals Fit in the Sales Strategy – in depth article on the three sales plans and why you need them.

Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount

Sales in a NY Minute, Jen Gluckow

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Coming Up:
Coming up in the next episode – #013 – I’ll uncover how I was able to stop selling and dramatically grow my business.  You can too, so tune in!

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