Ep #122: Deep Dive into Referrals: Real Estate Industry (Part 2)

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Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

For this 4-part series we are starting on the podcast, I am answering common questions I receive about referrals that are specific to different industries.

These aren’t the general questions I receive regardless of industry – like how do I get started, how does it work to receive referrals without asking, how to be consistent, how to track, etc.

But specific questions that pop up once someone has decided to get serious about generating referrals without asking.

I’ve broken down the industries so I can cover specific questions that matter to that industry. Though I think you’ll learn a lot from each industry episode!

We’re continuing with the real estate market… but moving from the “selling of real estate” to the “home of real estate”. This week we dive into a question that architects, interior designers, decorators, builders and others are dealing with as COVID continues.

The question is how to get new referrals from clients during a time when people have drastically reduced or transformed their socializing routines for an industry reliant on local networking/connections to make “organic” referrals happen?

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #123 and our deep dive on referrals by industry continues…

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