Ep #139: A Referral Strategy in Action

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Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

There is nothing quite like hearing another business owner share what they experienced when they put into action something you’ve been considering.

And I think the best way for me to teach and for you to receive why you must have a referral strategy in place, is to hear how it worked for another business owner.

Our focus since the start of this new year has been getting very clear on who our referral sources are so we can put into practice the first layer of our referral strategy, the layer focused on generating more referrals from our existing referral sources.

As you consider putting the first layer of your referral strategy into action, listen in to my conversation with David Ferguson, a financial planner.

He shares what he learned and experienced as he worked through identifying his referral sources and putting a referral plan together to take care of them.

And of course we dive into his ups and downs through the process plus his success.

My favorite is listening to his lightbulb moments.  Take a listen as you just might have a few lightbulb moments yourself.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #140 and it’s another Q&A episode.  I’m answering the number one question I receive about referrals and the year 2020.

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