how to save lost referrals

Ep: #016: Saving Lost Referrals

The saddest referrals isn’t the referral you fail to convert to a client (yes, that will happen from time to time), it is the one you fail to track.
Because if you don’t track it, it is as if it almost disappears.  Like it never existed.

Here are some highlights:

In this episode we dive in to the 3 ways we lose referrals.  They are:

  1. You don’t have a process to capture the referrals once received.
  2. You team doesn’t capture the source of the new prospects.
  3. You are missing language to turn a “I gave your name to ‘so-and-so'” from word of mouth buzz into a real referral.

On the show I provide common solutions for each of these.

Specifically I provide my Referral Tracker for you to download for free.

Download the Referral Tracker here!

Tracking each referral received is part of the 5 steps we discussed in episode #015 to start generating referrals.

Links to Show Resources:

Referral Ninja Quiz – if you want to know where you stand now in your ability to generate referrals.

Generating Business Referrals…Without Asking – check out the book website to pre-order your copy and receive over $500 of free bonuses.  Deadline to receive the bonuses is October 15, 2018 at midnight.

Free Referrals Without Asking Facebook group  – Join the almost 1000 professionals committed to generating referrals without asking!

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #017 – I will show you how to save your referrals by overcoming the common reasons we have lost referrals.

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