Ep #166: Referral Lessons from a Failed Cantaloupe Garden

The cantaloupe portion of our garden had a lot to teach me, including that I’ve been spelling cantaloupe wrong.  🙂

The cantaloupe garden proved to test our limited gardening skills BUT I did pull 4 solid referral lessons from the experience, so all is not lost.

Join me as I unpack 4 lessons I learned with our garden experience and how it relates to 4 solid referral lessons.

Lessons like paying attention to the web (and I don’t mean the internet) and how great it would have been to avoid spending hours fixing what we didn’t set up correctly in the beginning.

Maybe you need all 4 lessons or only one, but I guarantee you’ll find nugget of wisdom in this episode.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #167 and we’re talking about what referrals hide.

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