Ep #175: 5 Secret Weapons of Referrals Without Asking – Secret #2

So last week we tackled the first secret weapon of generating referrals without asking. Not to spoil it for you (you can go check it out here), but it was be a good human.

Sounds simple – but with our crazy, busy lives we aren’t always good people to our referral sources. We ignore them (but don’t mean to), have the best of intentions to reach out (but don’t) and to be honest we take them for granted.

I mean some folks don’t even write a thank you note after receiving a referrals, sound like someone you know… maybe?

So when I say Be a Good Human – I mean do the things for our referral sources that they deserve when they put their reputation on the line by referring you.

And make sure you also are using Secret Weapon #2.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #176 and we continue with the secret weapons of generating referrals without asking.

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