Ep #184: Choosing the Right Type of Support

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This Week’s Episode

Five hundred twenty-five thousands six hundred minutes… the measure of year.

(How many of you just busted out singing the Rent musical song?)

Sometimes a year feels long, sometimes it races by.

What you need to consider now – and put into place – is the type of support your goals need.

If you followed the Reverse Goal Setting process you have your 5 year vision mapped out along with your 3 year milestones and next year’s plan (one year, 2022 goals).

And you have a finishing strategy mapped out for each goal.

Now you need to turn your attention to the type of support you will need to actually accomplish your goals.

I discuss three in this episode.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #185 and I interview Bryan McFarland from 3×5 Life as we wrap up our goal planning series.

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