Ep #185: 3×5 Life (for Goals)

What’s Coming Up

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This Week’s Episode

To wrap up our final episode in our Reverse Goal Setting process and series, I interview Bryan McFarland of 3×5 Life.

He created a really cool, super simple tool to help you stay on track.

3×5 Life is daily productivity cards to keep track of your tasks & celebrate your wins.

This one tool might help you make space for your goals because for you to accomplish them, you need to make time to work on them… in the midst running your business and managing your family and personal life.

Here’s the links to find Bryan and his 3×5 Life cards!

3×5 Life Website

Buy the 3×5 cards on Amazon

On IG: 3x5_Life

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #186 and we’ll kick off the new year in style talking about referral explosions.

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