Ep #186: Calculating Your 2022 Referral Explosion

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This Week’s Episode

Well hello 2022!  New year means it’s time to set a new goal for number of referrals you want to receive this year.

So I will break down how to calculate your 2022 Referral Explosion goal based on some very important data.

If you’d like to calculate what your referral explosion would look like in your first year, then download the Referral Explosion Calculation Worksheet by entering your name and email right here:

This episode – along with the worksheet – will walk you through the important data you need to pull from 2021 and then help you calculate two important referral numbers.

The first number – what you should expect to receive if you do nothing different.

And the second – what you could receive if you closed the gap in taking care of your existing referral sources, those who refer you now.

Once you complete the worksheet, share with me your two numbers in our Referrals Without Asking Facebook group! And let me know if you’re going to do anything different to care of those who already refer you or if you need to cultivate new people referring you!

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #187 and we’ll discuss the must have referral strategies for this year.

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