Three Ways to Increase Your Business Grow

Ep #002: Demystify Your Business Growth in 3 Ways

In this episode we are diving in to the three plans your business needs to if you want it to grow.

Here are some highlights:

If you are like me, you became a business owner because you were good at solving specific problems for your clients, enjoyed adding value, and appreciated the freedom (or at least the idea of it).

But you also know to grow a business you will have to “do sales” but dread the idea of being or being seen as the “always hustling salesperson.”

So we need to learn how to grow our business in a way that actually works and works for us (meaning we are okay doing it).

So your business needs three different plans as part of your overall overall “sales” or “business development” strategy. Those plans are:

  • The Prospecting Plan
  • The Marketing Plan
  • The Referral Plan

Each plan is comprised of different activities depending on your business, your skill set and level of comfort.

What you want to avoid though are two methods I see small business owners fall into because of a lack of structure with their business development – the “Spray & Pray” method and the “Singular Focus, Fingers Crossed, Hope it Works” method. (BTW – neither are good and I define them in the episode, see if you can relate.)

To help you figure out what the activities should be within your three plans, I discussed four questions to ask so you can gain clarity on your overall business development strategy.

And finally we looked at which of the three plans should be your focus depending on how many years you have been in business.

To download the episode freebie – the four questions to define your sales activities – click here.

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