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Ep #025: 3 Musts for a Powerful, Yet Simple Client Experience

This episode is part two of a mini-series on the Client Experience (CX). For this episode we dive in to the 3 musts for a powerful, yet simple CX.  If you do nothing else in regard to your CX, make sure you commit to do these three!

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Here are some highlights:

In this episode we break down these 3 CX musts:

MUST 1: Define your CX stages. Your business either has two stages or three stages.

MUST 2: Set Expectations. Never let your client assume what it will be like to work with you.

MUST 3: Make it Part of Your Workflow. To make it happen for each and every client, it has to be a part of your process so you execute on it.

Grab Your ‘What it’s Like to Work With You’ Client Experience Assessment

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As a reminder, the Client Experience is something all clients go through – whether you are intentional or not about it – and it dictates the feelings, attitude and behaviors your clients have toward your business.

The CX matters because without a sticky client experience it is hard to turn first-time clients into repeat clients, build positive brand reputation and buzz and generate referrals.

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #026 – we continue the mini-series on the Client Experience and I will share with you how to up-level your CX in 3 easy ways for next year.

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