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Ep #028: End of Year Surprise

I wanted to do something different for the final episode of 2018. (Don’t worry, the podcast has a full line up of episodes for 2019 and they kick off next week).

I looked back over my stats to find the most popular episodes from this year. I took into account total downloads, unique downloads, how long an episode had been live (the longer it’s been out there the more opportunity to be listened to), comments on the episode and feedback from listeners.

Here are some highlights:

So here are the top 5 episodes from 2018 in reverse order.


Episode #001: 7 Lessons Learned from Business Failure


Episode #013: How I Stopped Selling and Dramatically Grew My Business (*If interested in Referred Prospect First Meeting Script, click here.)


Episode #022: Reverse Goal Setting


Episode #015: 5 Steps to Generate Referrals

And #1:

Well you are going to listen to the episode to learn the top rated listener favorite episode from 2018.  For your convenience we replay it on this episode!

Here is How I Can Support You in 2019:

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Coming Up:

We kick off a new year full of 52 episodes…can’t wait for the first episode of 2019 which is episode #029 and we are talking about burning boats. (No, seriously…well maybe it’s a metaphor.)

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