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Ep #031: The Magic of Accountability

Oh yes, there is magic in accountability! And this episode will explain how you can find your own magic to impact your success.

At the time of this release we are halfway into January (January 15 to be exact) and your focus on your goals may have started to slip. Maybe, just maybe. So this episode is about finding your magic of accountability as you apply it to your 2019 goals.

Here are some highlights:

We kick off by discussing the definition of accountability and the debate between accountability and responsibility.

I shared my definition of accountability as “motivation in action and having to tell someone.”

We also look at how accountability is a skill that can be developed (we are CONSTANTLY developing it in the Randall household) but it can be hard to improve when you go it alone.

In 2018 I focused on understanding why I do the things I do.  This is an ongoing learning opportunity and I haven’t necessarily figured it (me) all out!

There are three books that I found helpful on my quest. They are:

Feel the Fear & Do It Anyway (by Dr. Susan Jeffers)

The Big Leap (by Gay Hendricks)

The Four Tendencies (by Gretchen Rubin)

When we become business owners, we very quickly realize that there are facets that can be solitary and sometimes lonely.

Structure, expectation, reporting, external motivation goes missing when you leave a job and start your business. In the beginning, the drive and excitement of starting a business carries you. But after a few years in the “newness” wears off and you hit a routine in some areas but are always aware of your gaps.

What I realized is that getting a handle on my accountability is key to my success. And the magic lies in structuring that accountability so it works for me. The magic of accountability is knowing yourself – how you operate and leverage what works plus filling in your gaps with outside forces as needed.

So when we apply this “magic of accountability” to those goals we set just a few weeks ago…we need a few components in place.

Goals are commitments and they need…

–to be in writing.

–with accountability that is consistent

–and they tap in your motivation (internal and external).

With this in mind I have beta launched my Goal Setters Club. For about a $1/month you can:

Share your goals with someone who will hold you accountable to them… that’s me.

Be in a group with committed and like-minded people working to accomplish their goals… that’s the people in the Club with you.

Chart your progress every month… with the customized dashboard where you track your goals and I can access to hold you accountable.
Be rewarded for your progress… the gold star leader board with prizes for metrics met throughout the year.

Sounds awesome?  Yeah, I think so too. I’d love for you to join me in the Goal Setters Club! We are starting now!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #032…we are discussing what a Referral Ninja Master is and how you can become one.

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