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Ep #032: What is a Referral Ninja Master

So what is a Referral Ninja Master?

Well before you dive into this episode I encourage you to take the Referral Ninja Quiz at to learn your level.

Then dive into this episode.

Here are some highlights:

We kick off by discussing the process I went through to create the quiz – to get it just right so the scoring worked and it was an accurate reflection of your current Referral Ninja level.

Then I discuss that over the 1000 people who have taken the quiz and the results by level rarely change.

Here is the current breakdown:

Referral Ninja Beginners – 84%
Referral Ninja In Training – 14%
Referral Ninja Masters – 2%

Here is the link for the new training I have coming out:

Then I dive into what is a Referral Ninja Master.

A Referral Ninja Master is defined by what they know, what they do (the actions they take) and what ultimately defines a Referral Ninja Master is their RESULTS!

Please share your ‘ah ha’ moments from this episode in the Referrals Without Asking Community over on Facebook and share what is your current Referral Ninja Level.

Here is How I Can Support You in 2019 Generate More Referrals:

  1. Keep an eye out for my new training – Becoming a Referral Ninja Master in 2019. You’ll receive notification if you are on my email list or a member of the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group. Details will also be posted on the training page.
  2. Take the 7 Day Referral Growth Challenge – I’ll show up via video in your inbox every day for 7 days giving you daily actions to take to build your referral foundation. (FREE)
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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #033…I have a great episode for you on one thing you should never do with referrals!

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