referrals on a shoestring budget

Ep #049: Referral Generating Plans on a Shoestring Budget

When I talk about having a referral generating plan… most believe it must be complicated, complex and cost a lot of money.

Yes, you can make it that way.

But why?

A referral generating plan should be simple and you can build one with a shoestring budget.

Here are some highlights:

In this episode I talk about 3 considerations if you want to build your referral generating plan on a shoestring budget.

First I discuss the 3 things you don’t need (but most think they do need and they can be expensive)

Then I talk about what you can’t do when trying to make your referral generating plan more cost effective.

And finally I share the one thing you cannot forget if you want your referral generating plan to have an impact and produce results.

Once you listened to this episode, I would love for you to share your thoughts on how you would build your referral plan on a shoestring budget in the Referrals Without Asking Community over on Facebook.
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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #050… and as a 10th episode we have our Q&A format where the one of my kids joins me as the guest interviewer asking me your questions.  Don’t miss it!

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