Defining Your 5 Year Vision

Ep #074: Defining Your 5 Year Vision

We are moving right along with our Reverse Goal Setting process… tackling step 2 today. Remember, this series will teach you – from start to finish – to set goals like you never have before.  Because the way we set them, actually allows us to accomplish them. Let’s dive in. 

To make this process easier, please use the link below to download the PART TWO worksheet!

Download the Reverse Goal Setting Worksheet,
Part Two 

5 Year Vision Worksheet

Here are some highlights:

Step Two in our Reverse Goal Setting process starts – after we have correctly reflected back – with casting a vision for where we want to go.

The version of the future we are actually willing to work towards.

Once we set our 5 year vision, we will be able to reverse engineer our way to our one year goals.  This doesn’t happen all at once.

It starts with this step… step 2… defining your 5 Year Vision.

If you follow along with the episode and download the worksheet (link above), this process will be a breeze as long as you allow yourself to contemplate where you really want to be in 5 years… the end of 2024.

And wait until you have to write down your age in 5 years… trust me, it’ll get real, real fast.

But remember, the easy part is setting our goals. The hard part is making them happen. So this series will walk you through the entire Reverse Goal Setting process so at the end you have goals set for 2020 like you have never set goals before.

And then this series will show you how to put a process in place to accomplish those goals you worked so hard to set! Plus you’ll meet some cool people who did just that and have awesome 2019 success stories to share!

It’s time to get started with the Reverse Goal Setting Process!! Make sure you download the worksheet, now.

And once you finished this episode and completed your part two worksheet, please hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and share with me one of your 5 year visions you set for yourself. Let’s get the conversation started!

Resources Mentioned During the Episode:

Don’t forget to download the worksheet to make this process easy-peasy!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #075 where we move on to step #3 in our Reverse Goal Setting process. Don’t miss it!

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