Free 4-Day
Referral Growth Challenge

Ready to think like a Referral Ninja Master?
We kick off August 30th so reserve your spot now. 

Just give me a little bit of time for 4 days and I’ll show you how to how to THINK like a Referral Ninja Master!

(Referral Ninja Master = Referral Explosion)

This Referrals Challenge is small enough for you to accomplish but big enough to have an impact on your referral generation.

Don’t you think it’s time to challenge yourself for the 4 days to up your referral generation skills so you can finish this year referral strong?! 

Here’s How the Challenge Works:

  • Each Day I Go Live to Help You Shift Your Thinking
    Every day of the 4-day Challenge I go LIVE in the Referrals Without Asking FB Group teaching you to shift your thinking. We’ll shift your thinking on why you (you specifically) are referred and why we don’t ask for referrals.  (Psst…in case you don’t know…when you ask for a referral you undermine the human dynamic and psychology behind why a referral happens in the first place.)
  • You Take Action
    After the quick daily teaching, you take action on what I taught you and you aim to do it within the next 24 hours. Why take action on what you learned… because shifting our thinking starts with taking action.  
  • You Report In and Win Prizes
    Each day – for 4 days – you’ll hop in the Facebook Group to report on how it went taking the daily action. And these are actions you’ll love!!  There are a few specific foundational mindset shift and actions you need to take right away to build the right referral foundation and this Challenge shows you how!

Who is this for?

  • Business Owners who want referrals without asking
    While you may not know what to do to generate referrals without asking, you are open to learning how. That is what this 4 Day Challenge is for… to show you it is possible to generate referrals and what you need to know first to get started.
  • Serious owners who can dedicated 30-ish minutes a day for 4 days
    There is no silver bullet and this is not a get rich quick scheme. You will have to dedicate time to learn what to do and then do it for referrals to actually happen. And yes, if you miss a live you can access the replay.  We also provide a follow along workbook.  
  • High touch business, not highly transactional business
    A high touch business means you have to cultivate relationships to sell your services and grow your business. Those who cultivate relationships are uniquely positioned to receive referrals. This challenge is for B2B and B2C business owners. 


Free 4-Day
Referrals Growth Challenge