Free Referral Training

In just five (5) short trainings, I will show you how to get a referred prospect to meet with you, how to close more referred prospects, how to receive better quality referrals and so much more!


Here's how it works:
Join our waitlist and receive notification on when we go live again for the 5-Part Referral Training.
When we go live again, I will teach you the exact steps of my processes that once you learn you can implement immediately. And I will take Q&A during the live training!
While each of these 5 trainings are be FREE you have to show up live to receive the free training!
Session 1:
How to flip an almost-so-close-but-not-quite a referral into an actual referral. 
(*Learn the exact language to flip an introduction, word of mouth buzz, and warm lead into a referral.)
Session 2:
How to follow up with a prospect once they have been referred to you
(The what you say in your email to get them to say yes to meeting with you!)
Session 3:
How to Close a Referred Prospect with Ease 
(*This process landed one of my GBR students a new client worth $7m)
Session 4:
How to Follow up with a Referral Source
(These are the steps to go beyond the thank you note and let you plant more referral seeds.)
Session 5:
How to Change the Quality of Referrals Received
(If the referrals you received are not ideal, how do you tell your referral source without making them defensive or worried about qualifying them? I'll show you.)
Here's the fine print:
Are these trainings 100% free?
Yes, if you register and attend live.
How do we join the trainings?
Once you register you will receive an email prior to each training with the link to join for that training session.
I registered for the last training series but wasn't able to attend all of them live,  is there a replay?
No, there isn't a replay.  These trainings are free for those who show up live. But if you missed our last series, get on the waitlist now to receive notification of when we kick off again! 
How will the live trainings be held?
Currently they are held over Zoom, though that might change in the future.
The first time I opened up this training to everyone (not just my GBR students) and for free was a resounding success!!  So make sure to sign up and get on the waitlist for the next time. Don't miss your next opportunity to take better control of your referrals!
**Please note, this training series is free only if you show up for each live session, there is no replay available.