Now you know how to identify your potential referral sources... next step is to learn how to get them to start referring you!

Think About It...

If a new client spends $1,000 or $25,000, then that's how much one new referred client is worth.

Which means...

If you learned how to turn a client or contact into a referral source and they gave you only one new referral a year (most give more though), then your ROI from this Masterclass is unlimited!
It's clear to see how valuable referrals are to your business plus how valuable having ACTIVE, REFERRING referral sources are as well.
But if you don't know how to turn a client or contact into a referral source, then you can't receive MORE referrals.
I will teach you the exact blueprint of steps to follow so you can have more referral sources. You will learn how to turn those clients and contacts you WANT referring you into ACTUAL referral sources.
This is a 3 module, video based online program and you'll have access to it all - the lessons, workbook, scripts and templates - from day one so you can dive right in!

Remember... just because you've identified your clients and contacts that you want to refer you... it doesn't mean they'll instantly start referring you.

You need to cultivate them correctly.

And the correct cultivation is exactly what I teach you in inside the
I can't wait to show you exactly how to turn your clients and contacts into referral sources
following my step-by-step process!

Here's how it worked for other business owners,
just like you...


Amanda Mingo
Attorney & Partner
Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo

"When I first learned about Stacey I was looking for someone to help solve my most pressing concerns - how to receive more referrals.

I was feeling entirely overwhelmed at the idea of where to start and only had a few referral sources sending just 6 or 7 referrals a year. 

This process Stacey teaches to increase your referral sources is completely manageable.  

Now I receive more than 40 referrals a year - all from a growing list of referral sources. It has changed my practice!!"


Yvette Jett Reynolds
Business Coach, Author
Digital Mob Publishing

“OMGosh! I scheduled my first COI coffee for this morning with a friend that I see not very often following Stacey's process. After small talk about kids, college, etc... I asked, "How can I help you?" and she began to talk and I listened.

During our conversation she shared that her sister needed me right now and referred her sister to me, on the spot.

I GOT MY FIRST REFERRAL and turned a contact into a new referral source!!  Doing it the Stacey Brown Randall way."


Neil Tyra
Attorney & Owner
Tyra Law Firm

“Sometimes the gold is right there under your nose. I went through the list of past clients that left me a positive on-line review - just how Stacey teaches in the Increase Your Referral Sources Masterclass - and compared that to my referral source list. Somehow I left nearly half of those folks off the referral list.

Who better to include than those who have taken the time to leave a review? Following Stacey's training, I made $10,000 in one week after reaching out to them the way Stacey teaches! 

There's gold in them that hills, I tell ya'!"

What Will You Learn in the
Turn Clients & Contacts into Referring Machines Program? 

  • Step-by-step process to first identify your potential referral sources, whether clients or COIs.
  • The exact process to follow to cultivate clients into referral sources.
  • The exact process to follow to cultivate COIs into referral sources (this is different from the client process in two ways)
  • The "Running 5, Keeping Warm" process to keep your efforts going strong all year long.
  • The right "referral seed" language to use so you cultivate a referring relationship.
  • This is a three (3) module online program with all the video lessons, downloads and scripts.  You access both through our online portal and your access is for one full year.

Now is Your Time to Start Taking Control of Your Referrals

You know you need more referrals? And you've identified that one major problem is that you don't have enough referral sources.
To increase your referrals, you need to increase the number of referral sources. It's really that simple. 
Wouldn't it be great if you finally knew  exactly how to increase your referral sources?
What if there was a process to follow - a blueprint of the exact steps to take to increase the number of people who are referring business to you?
There is and you can find it all inside this 3 module online program! 


As soon as you purchase the online program you will be emailed a unique username and password so you can access the training immediately. You'll also be able to download the follow-along workbook and templates from the online training portal.

How to Turn Clients & Contacts into Referring Machines

  • Three (3) Module Video-Based Online Program that walk you through the identification and cultivation process step-by-step.
  • Follow Along Workbook for both trainings to keep all your notes and work together in one place.
  • The Exact Scripts to use as you turn clients and contacts into referral sources
  • The Running 5, Keeping Warm Template to keep your progress in one place all year long and so you don't have to re-create anything
  • Full, Instant Access to the Entire Program
  • Access for One Year from date of purchase
  • Future Program Updates that occur during your one year of access
  • 3 Module Video-Based Training that walk you through the identification and cultivation process step-by-step.
  • Follow Along Workbook for the program to keep all your notes and work together in one place.
  • The Exact Scripts to use as you turn clients and contacts into referral sources
  • The Running 5, Keeping Warm Template to keep your progress in one place all year long and so you don't have to re-create anything
  • Ongoing Access for One Full Year (from date of purchase)
  • Full, Instant Access
  • Future Course Updates (during your one year of access)

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi. I’m Stacey Brown Randall, the creator of the powerful and proven Growth By Referrals program and this program, How to Turn Clients & Contacts into Referring Machines.
But I didn’t start out knowing who to generate referrals without asking or how to turn a client or contact into a referral source.
In fact, I wasn’t sure it was even possible. But to understand how this process came to life, let me quickly back up for a minute and tell you how I created this “no-asking” process.
When my first business failed in 2012, the process was painful, and the lessons learned were tough to accept. At first.
Then I opened myself up to learn from those painful lessons because I never wanted to live through the business failure experience again. Financially, emotionally and mentally – it just wasn’t an option. (Nor could my ego take another hit like that.) Can I get an amen?
So when I started my next business I knew I had to create a system that would generate new clients – in a way that worked for me – and that “way” was going to either make or break business #2.
I figured out that the most efficient way to increase my sales numbers would be generating new clients through referrals… hallelujah, solution found! Or so I thought.
Unfortunately, all the information from the “experts” on generating referrals said I had to “ask” for them or “pay” for them or gave me ridiculous “gimmicky” advice.
I hated it all!
It just didn’t fit who I am. And I’m thinking you can relate.

I had a hunch – based on learning why referrals happen in the first place – that you should be able to generate referrals without asking, paying, or worse, using manipulation tactics.
I knew that my idea of generating referrals without asking was going against the grain, but no matter how much I believed it, it didn’t matter at all if I couldn’t prove it. So, I set out to prove it.
And prove it I did.
I cracked the code on generating referrals without asking, without manipulation and in an authentic way.
I found a way to attract referrals in a systematic — not random — process that works for anyone who uses it.
In my first year I received 112 referrals. And now, six years later I am still receiving triple-digit referrals consistently, year over year.
But my clients’ success is most exciting. They are the real proof that this system works for different kinds of business owners in different industries.
They’re reporting results like:
  • “quadrupled referrals in one year”
  • “20 referrals in two months”
  • “57% of new clients generated by referrals in record time”
  • “from 4 referrals a year to 40 in one year”
Would those kinds of increases in referrals help your business?
A referral plan doesn’t have to be complicated, complex or expensive.
But you do have to have a plan in place for your referrals to grow.

The Little-Known Secret About Referrals

As a business owner or professional yourself, I’m sure you already know how valuable referrals are to your sales. It’s always easier to make a sale when someone recommends you to a prospective client.
After all, 84% of buyers begin their buying process because someone took time to refer them, because of a trusted recommendation.
When a prospect is referred to you, they:
  • Have a built-in positive feeling about you
  • Start their relationship with you at a higher trust level
  • Are quicker to close
  • And are less price sensitive
“Sure, but...I’m just not lucky with referrals, and the ones I do receive come randomly, by chance. So now I don’t even bother.”
But here’s the Secret:
Referrals do NOT have to be random, and you don’t have to rely on luck. And you don’t need hours each month or week or invest a lot of money to get them, either.
You can generate a consistent flow of highly-valuable referral leads with a proven approach that isn’t “salesy” or “spammy” — on a shoestring budget.
I’ve experienced the rejection...tried the soul-killing tactics recommended by “gurus”...and wasted years trying to get new clients the hard way.
Now I invite you to join me inside this Masterclass and learn the simple process to turn clients and contacts into referral sources!

Referrals aren't going to just happen.
You need a roadmap that is simple enough for you to follow, yet  powerful enough to increase your referral sources.  

So let's do this!