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Enjoy the replay of the Reverse Goal Setting™ Workshop
now through January 15, 2021.

And then once you're clear on your 2021 Goals after completing the 5-3-1 step... it's time to lock and load your Finishing Strategy.

You're perfect Finishing Strategy is just waiting for you inside the
Goal Finishers Club.

And I can't wait to support you throughout 2021 to CRUSH your goals!

Check out how successful a few of our
GFC members were this year!

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The Goal Finishers Club provides the support, accountability and fun
your goals have been missing!

Here's How the Goal Finishers Club Works:

1. You need to share your goals with someone who will hold you accountable to them... that's me.
2. You need to be in a group with like-minded (read committed) people working to accomplish their goals... the other members of the Club.
3. You need to chart your progress every month... the customized dashboard.
4. And you need to be rewarded for your progress... the gold star leader board.
The Goal Finishers Club is built and structured to capitalize on the
science of goals and motivation.

Here's What You Get With the Goal Finishers Club:

1. Goals Dashboard Creation:
A customized dashboard to track your 2021 goals including quarterly plans. You update it every month and the dashboard is housed in Google Drive where only you and I have access to it.
2. Monthly Group Check-ins: 
We come together once a month to report out on progress, discuss roadblocks and make sure we are ready to for the next month. 
3. Goal Finishers Club Facebook Group: 
This is where we go for motivation, encouragement and to participate in the Group Check-ins.
4. Gold Star Leader Board:
Who doesn't want to receive a gold star for their hard work??
And these gold stars add up to p
rizes for certain milestones…plus a big prize if you have 100% stars collected at the end.

Here's how it worked for other business owners,
just like you...


Amy Collins

Amy Grace Events
Collins Off Main Event Space

“Stacey’s unique ability to look through the lens of business and teach it step-by-step and hold you accountable is gold. Her reverse goal setting model is a truly strategic approach that WORKS. This and the Goal Finishers Club is an annual must do for my life! I moved my business and my family cross-country this year and the GFC helped me stay the course. Even when I couldn’t be very active, the GFC notifications and prompts helped me re-focus.”


Kevin Smith

CEO & Founder
Solutions Unlimited, LLC

“I joined the GFC for accountability because it was not in the IT space.  I had some big goals to accomplish – which I had needed to accomplish for years – and felt with Stacey’s positive perspective along with the monthly accountability I would be in good hands.  Stacey personally reviews your dashboard every month and isn’t afraid to call you out which motivates you to get thing done.  Because of Stacey’s support through the GFC, I accomplished a big 2020 goal of taking more vacations than ever since starting my business 10+ years ago and last year (2019) accomplished one goal that brought in $100,000 to my company’s bottom line!" 


Katherine Taylor

Attorney & Owner
Taylor Legal

“I think most people join a group like GFC for the accountability – which is great.  But the biggest benefit for me and what I really LOVED was the dashboard because I am a visual person and loved seeing the items (my goals) move to done!  The Goal Finishers Club helped me accomplish three big goals I set for myself in 2019 (one taking more than 80 hours of work) and then in 2020 I accomplished 4 big goals.  Having my goals broken down into realizable tasks and projects was a game changer.”

What Could the End of 2021 Look Like If You Had the Same Success?


Dashboard Set Up Fee: $149

The One-Time Set Up Fee for the Dashboard gives you access to a customized goal tracker which you update. This is a separate charge from the monthly payments for access to the Club.  You are charged this fee immediately upon signing up. This fee includes Stacey reviewing your dashboard once you complete it and supporting you through any changes.

Monthly Payments: $49/month or $539/one time (with one month free!)

The 12 monthly payments give you access to the monthly group check-ins, access to your customized dashboard so you can update it, my accountability, the camaraderie of the Facebook group, earning your gold stars, prizes and CELEBRATIONS when you reach a goal!

Refund Policy:

Unlike my other programs, joining the GFC is a commitment you are making. So there are no refunds  offered and no cancellations. If you choose the monthly payment plan, you will be charged every month for 12 months regardless if you engage. Your 2021 Goals request your commitment and so does the Goal Finishers Club.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi. I'm Stacey Brown Randall and for years I worked 1-on-1 with small business owners and solopreneurs as a business and productivity coach.
I watched year after year as some of my clients CRUSHED their goals while others just floundered.  And as their coach, I felt their highs and lows.
I know that to accomplish big goals (and even small ones) we need to be motivated, committed, and have outside accountability. Which is why I built the Goal Finishers Club.
This Club will provide the structure, encouragement and accountability you need to #CRUSH your goals this year!

Access to the Workshop Replay & the Goal Finishers Club Ends In...