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Saving Lost Referrals
is the exact language and process you need to flip word of mouth buzz,
introductions, and warm leads into referrals. 

You have referrals – right under your nose – but if you lack the right language to flip them from an almost referral to a referral,
you’re losing out on paying clients.

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There's nothing worse than feeling like you are super close to receiving a referral, only for it to go nowhere.
It happens to us all… until we can recognize how to identify when we are receiving a true referral and when we are not - like word-of-mouth buzz which is an almost referral.
Sounds nuanced?
Oh, it’s not. Check out what Michelle McQueen had to share...

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Tell me if this is you…

→People tell you they talk about you all the time, but you’re never connected to who they're talking to.
→You receive introductions to others, but the conversation never seems to go anywhere, at least not to a sales conversation where you get to see if you can help them.
→You’re given someone’s name and number because that person “needs to hire you” – but you still hesitate to call because something seems off.


Oh, how I’ve been there. That moment of excitement when someone tells you that they told someone else about you AND they gave them your contact information.
You are so close to another paying client and you just know they’re going to call, right?
But they usually don’t. And then you’re left to wonder… why?  How could they decide you’re not the right professional if they’ve never even spoken to you? But was it really about you?
Or what about when you receive an email connecting you to another business professional but the email isn’t direct – you’re not sure why you’re being connected, if they need to hire someone like you or worse… if they are expecting to sell to you.
I get it.
Once I rejected the notion that to receive referrals I had to ask for them… you know the advice… “ask your clients, ask your contacts, ask your prospects, just ask all the time!”  When I refused to ask for referrals (it didn’t fit who I am as a person or the reputation I want in the marketplace), you start to wonder if you can still get them.
It seems the advice is to ask for them or leave it all to chance. 
But that means we miss out on receiving referrals consistently.
But here’s what worse… the “always be asking advice” gives the the wrong impression and understanding of referrals.  Which means you don't even realize when you’re missing out on "almost referrals" right in front of you.
  • Like when someone tells you that they tell everyone about you.
  • Or when you’re introduced to someone but don’t know why.
  • Or when you’re given the name and number of “someone who needs to hire you”, but you’re not sure they want you to call.
While it’s great to have a referral without asking strategy (and one I think you’ll eventually need), there are things you can do immediately to flip an almost referral into a real referral.
What you need is the right language and to clearly identify when to use that language.
  • When I discovered what to say to the person who “was always telling everyone about me” – I started receiving referrals.
  • When I discovered what to say when I was connected – out of the blue – to a stranger, I learned how to flip that into a true referral.
  • And when someone gave me a name and number to “call and sell to” (even if I could use their name), I had the exact language to flip that into a real referral.


Saving Lost Referrals is the perfect language to use to know how to flip an *almost* referral into a referral every time.

Imagine What It Will Be Like When:
  • You’re crystal clear when you receive a referral, knowing you’re just steps away from
    turning that prospect into a paying client
  • And you’re crystal clear when it’s not a referral YET you are full of confidence in knowing exactly what to say to flip that *almost* referral into a real referral.
  • You are able to easily grow your business through referrals without waiting around for that “prospect who has your information” to actually call you.
  • You can ditch the old school referral advice of asking and see the referrals that have been there, right in front of you.


MODULE 1: Defining Clarity

First up we’ll define what is a real referral and then quickly you’ll see how having the definition wrong has put you at a dis-advantage.
Then we’ll define the other 3 sales terms that are easily confused and used interchangeably with referrals.
Through those definitions, you’ll clearly identify what’s missing with the other 3 sales terms plus through examples, you’ll get crystal clear on their differences.


     A cheat sheet of definitions to reference whenever you need it.
     Laser focused clarity of the difference between referrals,
word-of-mouth buzz,
and warm leads.



MODULE 2: The Flip Scripts

Now that you can spot the 3 different definitions of the sales terms (incorrectly identified as referrals), you’ll learn the exact language to add “what’s missing.”
Word for word, you’ll be able to respond with ease and confidence all while respecting the one who’s trying to give you a referral.




The exact language (script) to flip
word of mouth buzz into a referral.
The exact language (script) to flip
introductions into a referral.
The exact language (script) to flip
a warm lead into a referral.


MODULE 3: Practice Makes...

While I know you’ll perfect how you use the flip scripts to flip almost referrals into referrals, this module will focus on helping you make progress. Then comes perfection.
Through watching others use the flip scripts in different scenarios, you’ll gain confidence in how the scripts will work best for you.


Love role playing? No, no one does. So, none of that.
But watching others role play is the next best way to watch the flip scripts in action so you start using them.



And Check Out These Amazing Bonuses!



Hands down the best way to make sure you are following up on your referrals received and to make note of which ones you flipped to a referral, is our No Referral Left Behind Tracker.

This simple but mighty tracker doesn’t need fancy software to work, it just needs you using it to log each time you receive a referral.



Woohoo, you received a referral!  Now your referral source – the one who connected you with the new prospect – needs to be thanked.

And there is a right way and wrong way to do this.

You need the right card – that leaves the right “referral” impression PLUS the perfect 3 sentences to write in the card.



You used the flip scripts and flipped the referral… now you just need the prospect to say yes to meeting with you.

This script gives you the follow up language to use – so you stay a human – and not turn into an always, hustling salesperson.

Which by the way… eww, you’re better than that and this script will make sure of it.

Saving Lost Referrals

Simple yet powerful language that is life changing as you learn to capture the referrals
right under your nose, the ones that were there all along.

Module 1 Definitions = Clarity……………................ $149
Module 2 The Flip Scripts……………………............... $199
Module 3 Practice Makes Progress………............. $149
Definitions Worksheet…………………….................... $49
Flip Script Cheat Sheet…………………….................  $199
Follow Along Workbook…………………...................  $49
Bonus: No Referral Left Behind………................. $49
Bonus: Thank You Card + Language…................. $199
Bonus: Getting the Meeting Script……..............  $149

Total Value: $1,191
Normally: $199

Today’s Price: $37

My 100% Money Back, No Risk Guarantee

With Saving Lost Referrals you’re going to learn critical but simple language to flip almost referrals into referrals. No, this won’t work on cold leads. You’ll learn when to use this language and who to use the language with.  How quickly you are able to use this language depends on when you receive your next almost referral!
If you don’t think this will work for you, just contact my team within 14 days of purchase and we’ll quickly refund 100% of your money though we'll be sad to see you go!
You have nothing to lose with this tiny, one-time investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hi.  I’m Stacey Brown Randall.  I help small business owner and solopreneurs generate referrals without asking, without manipulation or feeling inauthentic.  I am the author of the 3-time award winning book, Generating Business Referrals Without Asking, host of the Roadmap to Grow Your Business podcast and creator of the Referrals Without Asking methodology.
It took a business failure for me to figure out how to get referrals in a way that would work for me so I could grow my business with ease.  And now I help others do the same.  A powerful first step is to learn how to save your lost referrals – the ones right under your nose – by using the flip scripts.

I have some of the best clients
(aka "students" is what I call them)! 


Michelle O’Connor
O’Connor Insurance Associates

“Comparing two quarters, one where we weren’t on the plan and to one where we were… we have received 77% more accounts resulting in 115% INCREASE in new clients from referrals! It's all from following the GBR referral plan.  I am ecstatic!”


Stacy Johnson
Team Johnson with SellState Premier

After starting the GBR program, it was exciting to see the referrals increase and then keep rolling in. It was fun to hit the double-digit mark of referrals received so quickly and my business has definitely been enhanced. And I love that Stacey really cares about her students!


Mike Eklund
Financial Planner
Financial Symmetry

“Stacey worked with our team of financial advisors to help us craft a customized referral generating plan. Very quickly we increased our referrals by 30%. Then at the end of our first year, our referral generation was up over 70%. Without Stacey, this success would not have been possible."


Dan Haggerty
International Minute Press

“Following Stacey’s program…in just the three weeks…we’ve seen a huge increase in business including 3 referrals. This program works!”


LeAnn Shattuck
The Car Chick

“I have a plan now, a strategy for the year. I know exactly what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, who I’m doing it for, and why I’m doing it. And I’ll be able to clearly budget for it as well, so I know how much I’m spending, and I’ll be able to track to see what my results are.”


Shawn Kalgren
Southern Home Services

“I have been working off referrals for 15 years, and I didn’t realize how concise of an actual systematic approach I need to take compared to what I had been doing.  The GBR program really lays out a substantial, universal plan that works!