Let’s get you more referrals…

→ To increase your referrals this year, you need the right strategy.

→ But that starts with having the right knowledge – definitions, cast of characters, philosophy and science behind referrals.

→ Then you need to understand the opportunity available within your business to generate referrals. We call this the referral ecosystem.

→ Once you know where to generate referrals, you determine what’s working and what are your gaps. With that knowledge you move to action. Build out your action plan, the right game plan to start generating more referrals.

To start generating more referrals,
you need the right game plan.

So let’s get you the right game plan.

In this training – I’ll share what you need to know
and what you need to do to take action!


Hey there. I’m Stacey. For a decade, I’ve been teaching business owners you can generate referrals without asking, manipulating, incentivizing or wasting time.

In our Summer School program, you’ll learn what you need to know and do to have a plan of action to start getting more referrals.

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“Going” to Summer School:


MODULE 1: Get Your Foundation Right

You’ll leave this class with:

– Knowing all the definitions correctly

– Understanding who the players are

– The science behind consistent referrals

– The philosophy we operate from.

MODULE 2: Ecosystem & Gaps

You’ll leave this class with:

– A deeper understanding of the referral ecosystem that’s available within your business

– Be able to identify your gaps so you know how to build your action plan.

– Plus if you’ve never identified your referral sources, I’ll show you how in 3 steps and provide template to make it easy.

MODULE 3: Build the Action Plan to Finish 2023 Strong

In this class, we’ll get tactical and practical as we:

– Use your data (Class 201) to answer questions to identify your gaps so you know where to start.

– Build your action plan to know what strategies to tackle and in what order (your game plan).

– Learn some practical and simple referral seeds you can start planting right away. (BONUS)

What’s the Investment?
ONLY $97 (yep, that’s right!)

Frequently Asked Questions

When you complete payment, you’ll receive an email with your log-in details to our member portal so you can immediately access the entire Summer School program.

In Module 2, I’ll walk you through how to identify your referral sources and who they referred to you. With this information, we’ll determine active vs inactive referral sources, quality issues, closing issues, and more. This information will help you build out your game plan so you know where to start.

While an overview will be given of how to overcome your gaps, I do not teach you the individual strategies in this program. The Summer School program is about you shifting your thinking, understanding where you’re starting from and then building the plan on how you want to move forward.

If you’re a small business owner or solopreneurs in the B2B or B2C space and you want to understand more about how to start receiving more referrals.

No, there is no refund for this $97 training program.

Access to the Summer School Program is available until May 1, 2024.