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Here you will find our upcoming free training. If you don’t find what you are looking for then the training might have expired. But check out the training we have going on right now!

Date Specific Training

How to Think Like a Referral Ninja Master Challenge!
Starts February 22, 2021
You deserve referrals… but you’re not owed them.
This live Challenge will get you moving towards your 2021 Referral Explosion,
so get ready to shift your thinking, each day for 4 days!


On-Demand Training

What’s on-demand training? Training you watch, when you want…
2:00 am on Wednesday in your PJs or 2:00 pm on a Saturday sitting on your deck.

Training Link: Reverse Goal Setting Workshop

Training Link: Referral Ninja Master Roadmap

Training Link: Identifying & Cultivating Potential Referral Sources