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Here you will find our upcoming free training. If you don’t find what you are looking for then the training might have expired. But check out the training we have going on right now!

Date Specific Training

Here’s what’s next in February:

“How to THINK Like a Referral Ninja Master” 4 Day Live Challenge

Starts Monday, February 24th!

Whether we like it or not, what we think has the greatest impact on what we do.
So this Challenge will teach you – over 4 days – to think different, to think like a Referral Ninja Master.
Once you think like a Master, then you are only steps away from becoming one.
And Referral Ninja Master = Referral Explosion!



“How to ACT Like a Referral Ninja Master” Webinar

Friday, February 28th!

During this Webinar you will learn:

— What separates a Referral Ninja Master from a Referral Ninja Beginner or In Training
— That it is possible to generate referrals – consistently – without asking, paying or being overly promotional
— How others have followed a proven roadmap to experience their own referral explosion

Remember, Referral Ninja Master = Referral Explosion!


Always Available Training

We are working on some amazing new on-demand trainings for 2020
and they will be released soon!