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Date Specific Training

4-Day Referral Growth Challenge
Join us on August 30th for 4 days as I teach you how to THINK like a Referral Ninja Master!
This Challenge is small enough for your accomplish
BUT big enough to have an impact on your referral generation!
During these 4 days, you’ll learn:
♦ The four ways a Referral Ninja Master thinks different from a Beginner
♦ Why you specifically are referred and why we don’t ask for referrals
♦ The four MUSTS to setting up the right process to generate referrals
♦ And determine what’s possible for your referral explosion goal

Don’t you think it’s time to challenge yourself to up your referral generation skills
so you can finish this year referral strong?

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On-Demand Training

What’s on-demand training? Training you watch, when you want…
2:00 am on Wednesday in your PJs or 2:00 pm on a Saturday sitting on your deck.


Training Link: Referral Ninja Master Roadmap

Training Link: Identifying & Cultivating Potential Referral Sources