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Stacey’s Speaking Topics Include:

Referrals… Without Asking

For decades you have been told you have to ask if you want referrals. What is that wasn’t true? What is you can generate referrals – consistently – without asking?

Referability is a Long-Term Game, But Are You Even Playing?

Understanding where referrals fit in your sales strategy is critical to being able to generate them. Put them in your prospecting or marketing strategy and you’ll send your referrals to an early grave. There is a special way to handle your referrals, it’s time you learn it.

Customer Service ≠ Client Experience

The client experience follows a very important two-part formula and contains a few key elements.  Which means customer service is a very small part of a client experience.  So, don’t confuse them. Your ability to generate referrals rests on how sticky your client experience is.

Flip Your Goals to Make Them Happen

There is nothing better than checking the box on a completed goal.  Particularly goals you dream about. And when you don’t accomplish them, they haunt your dreams.  Learn how to set goals by “flipping” them so they become dreams realized.

Productivity Demystified

The worst place we want to end up at the end of the day is feeling like we worked hard but didn’t accomplish anything that matters.  As small business owners and solopreneurs we must demystify our productivity so we can grow. Which means we need to break it down to a few key points we can stick to.

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