I will personally review your application and be in touch regarding next steps.


1. Please give me 24 to 48 hours to review your VIP Referrals in a Day Application.

2. If approved, you’ll receive an email with a link to schedule a quick “get to know you” call. I’ll answer any questions, walk you through the Assessment and we’ll schedule your VIP Day with me.

3. Once your VIP Day is scheduled, you’ll need to officially register and sign the Participation Agreement.

4. Next, you’ll receive the Assessment so you can start working on it. A timeline for Assessment completion will be provided based on your scheduled VIP Day.

5. After you complete your Assessment – sit back and relax. I take over all the heavy lifting of building your multi-layered referral strategy in preparation of our VIP Day together.

You’re at the beginning – Application Submitted!

If accepted, you’ll be able to attend the private training on September 12th and join BRB if you choose to! 

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Our clients are incredible people who truly care about their referral sources and generating more referrals. While we 100% believe their results to be accurate (we do track this stuff!), we have not independently verified their results.  Your earning potential is entirely dependent on how you implement and utilize our programs, ideas and techniques. Likewise, your level of success depends on the time you devote to the program, ideas and techniques mentioned, your finances, knowledge and various skills. Because these factors differ from person-to-person, we cannot guarantee your success or income level, nor are we responsible for any of your actions.

“Stacey not only teaches, but inspires. I’m grateful to work with her as my guide. Every time I interact with Stacey… I come away with a deeper understanding of how to make my business more referable, a clearer vision on my business direction, and a stronger motivation to execute on the plan.”
Steven Jaeger, Esq.
The Jaegar Firm
“Stacey always delivers value … and really cares about you and your success. I know it’s time to up my game with referrals… and I trust Stacey to show me the way. If I only brought on one new client, it easily covers the Building a Referable Business investment!”
Kevin Smith
Solutions Unlimited, LLC
“In one year I grew from 15 referrals to 55 referrals. Worth. Every. Penny. I’m so happy with Stacey’s methodology and the results! I exceeded my new client target and revenue target for the year (and did it before the end of the 3rd quarter).”
Jackie Ho
Ho & Lacy Architecture
“I love that I’m no longer the “local networking guy” and I’m growing my business by referrals. I received 17 in just a few months and increased my closing ratio with referred prospects.”
Adam Goldman
FranChoice Consultant
“I received almost 20 new referrals and cultivated multiple new referral sources. What I love about my referral success is how it’s part of my success in opening my own real estate office.”
Melissa Herman
Real Estate Agent
I am taking control of my referrals and in my first year starting to see awesome results. I’ve already almost tripled my ROI from joining BRB.”
Denise Pough
Interior Designer