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Ep #046: How to Turn Networking into Smart Networking

Every time I would sit down with clients to work on their business development strategy, the topic of networking would come up.

The questions they would ask would be “which groups,” “how many groups,” “what ROI should I expect,” “how do I know which are worthy of my time” and on and on.

And while those are good questions to ask, they are not the right first questions to ask. In this episode we dive in to how to turn networking into smart networking which is ultimately being known by a network.

Here are some highlights:

I cover the three important metrics to understand about your business before you can start on the path of turning your networking into smart networking.

Then we discuss how to use those 3 metrics to make better decisions with your networking.

One truth we need to understand and shift our thinking towards is this… business growth does not come from networking, it comes from being known by a network. Being known by other people who build up our brand reputation, introduce us to other people, tell us about opportunities and ultimately refer us.

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #047… we are talking about how to raise your rates. All service providers have to deal with this at some points (most of us many times) so we are talking about why, how and look at the formula to make it easier.

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