Applying Google Knowledge to Referrals

Ep #086: Applying Google Knowledge to Referrals

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Here are some highlights:

Today’s episode comes from an article I read a few years back which I had tucked away and recently discovered.

The article is a summary of Laszlo Bock’s book Work Rules! about what Google learned when they tried to increase referrals for new employees (candidates) from their existing employees.

We can apply what Google learned to how we generate new client referrals.

What they learned that didn’t work:

  1. Increasing the “referral bonus”
  2. A more pleasant process for the candidate who had been referred

What did work?

Nudging or “aided recall”.  It’s about being top of mind.  How we apply nudging when it comes to referrals is by planting referral seeds.

And to go along with this episode, you can download the Referral Seeds Quick Tip Guide for a few easy to plant referral seeds. 

Grab it now!

Okay, go check out the episode to learn more!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #087 – we will dive in to what may be holding back your referrals!  Don’t miss it!

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