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Michelle O’Connor | Owner, O’Connor Insurance Associates

20 Referrals in Only Three Months

Gray Langley | Managing Partner, Farris Cooke & Associates, CPA firm

Referrals DOUBLED!

If you just do what Stacey says, your business will grow. After I joined the Growth By Referrals online program and implemented what Stacey taught I went from 3 referrals total in one year to DOUBLING THAT IN 3 MONTHS. In addition, it expanded my opportunities to present for other organizations which in turn has opened up other opportunities.”

– Kathleen (Kathi) Wilson | KSW Educational Concepts, Education Advocate for Parents and Kids

Increased Referral Sources to Receive 27 Referrals in ONE YEAR!

– Amanda Mingo | Partner, Rawls, Scheer, Clary & Mingo Law Firm

A Real Step-By-Step Plan (with all the Tools)

“Our firm found great value is Stacey’s VIP Referral Building session. Her style is engaging and relatable. It is clear to us that what Stacey has developed comes from real-world experience and her credibility comes from the fact that she “practices what she preaches” every day. Stacey’s approach to referral development was a great match for our overall business development philosophy, and how we always want to treat people. Stacey’s honesty is refreshing and it is empowering to hear say what we all know – no one enjoys asking for referrals.

Additionally, there are two major things that make Stacey’s VIP Referral session so powerful:

1. She builds everything around using your individual authenticity. There is no manipulating or “faking” anything.

2. She gives you a real step by step plan (with all the tools) that you can immediately put into action – it is not just theory.”

– Steve Stewart | Financial Planner, Carroll Financial 

TRIPLED Monthly Referrals

“The Growth by Referral program is a well thought out training that allows you to dig deep into your process of customer acquisition and helps you automate some of the most basic steps that are crucial in keeping your referral sources thinking of you! Before the program I averaged about 2 referrals a month and after following the program, my MONTHLY REFERRALS INCREASED TO 6!!!”

– Carolina Aponte | Owner, CAJA Holdings (a bookkeeping firm)

THREE Referrals from just ONE TOUCHPOINT using Stacey’s Language

“Following Stacey’s program we segmented our referral sources and then provided a group of referral sources a special touch point. In just the three weeks since the touch point, we’ve seen three huge orders from one customer, two from another, and three referrals from a third. We’ve got a whole calendar of ideas we’re going to do this year. Nice work on the program, Stacey! It works!”

– Dan Haggerty | Owner, International Minute Press


– LeAnn Shattuck | The Car Chick

Powerful Tools and Simple Referral System

“Stacey is a referral rock star! Stacey has provided me with powerful tools and a simple referral system. She is able to understand my world in financial services as well as the challenge of being a business owner.”

– Ellen Linares | Financial Advisor HF Financial

Universal Plan That Works

– Shawn Kalgren | Owner, Southern Home Services

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