Designing the "Perfect" Home Office

Ep #114: Designing the “Perfect” Office Space

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Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

Throughout this summer I’ve been working – so slowly it seems – to turn a detached building into my new office.  The family refers it as the “Referral Ninja Studio.” And before the end of August it should be ready to go.

But while we still work behind the scenes to get it set up, let’s meet Lesley Myrick, the interior designer of Lesley Myrick Art + Design, who helped me pull all the pieces together.

We discuss tips and strategies to help you construct the best home office – since it seems that is where most of us will be for the foreseeable future.

And Lesley shares the one must for every home office (her answer may surprise you!).

And if you want to see the latest pictures from our home office journey… Check out the pics as we post them here

What other musts do you believe are needed in any office space?  Please join me in our Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and on the episode #114 post, please share!

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #115 and we are discussing all things CRM. 

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