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Ep #027: Business Lessons Learned From the Trenches

Learning lessons… no matter our age it never stops for us.  Especially when we own our own business…it seems there are many lessons to learn year-in and year-out.

This episode shares a few key lessons my small business owner and solopreneur clients and students of my online programs learned this year.

Here are some highlights:

Let’s dive right in to four key lessons.

Business Lesson #1: Streamline Your Focus

Oh the entrepreneurial ping-pong of chasing the next great idea, bright shiny object and fun-loving squirrels. If we really want to make progress, we need to streamline our focus and bucket out our operational tasks that happen daily, weekly and monthly from the goals we want to accomplish. You must make time for both.

Business Lesson #2: Know Thy Numbers

If you declare where you want to go – hit $100,000 in revenue or cut expenses to 50% – then knowing where you start from helps you create the plan of action to arrive at your destination. Data doesn’t lie – our emotions and thoughts sometimes do.

Business Lesson #3: Do the Right Damn Work

This is pretty simple, logical advice but man does it trip people up. In our heads and hearts we know we are sometimes hiding from the work we need to do. It is important we do the right work at the right time.

Business Lesson #4: Celebrate Success

I know – you’ll rest when your dead and celebrate your wins when all of them have been won. But that is not how life works. I share one way I enlisted the help of my husband to encourage me to celebrate and reward my accomplishments.

My Challenge to You:

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Links to Show Resources:

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Coming Up:

We are down to the final episode of 2018… and we have a special episode for you.  Let’s just say we are looking back at the greatest hits.

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