Working While Schooling... Helping You Thrive

Ep #117: Schooling While Working… Helping You Survive

Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

Maybe your “working while schooling” is just getting started or maybe you’ve been doing it for a few weeks.

It’s hard as (you know what), it’s challenging, it’s stressful.

And for many, there isn’t an end in sight until maybe next spring.

There isn’t a way around this*… we just have to endure getting through it.

When my father passed someone told me – you don’t get to go around you’re grief… only through it.

So if we’re stuck going through this time of “working while schooling”…  here are 3 productivity tips chosen just for this time.

1. Bite Size Everything

2. Work Ahead Whenever Possible

3.  Consider Splitting up Your Work Day

After listening to this episode, please share your productivity tips to help others not just survive but maybe thrive during our “schooling while working” season. Please join me in our Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and on the episode #117 post, please share!

*I know some will argue that there is a way around having your kids learn virtually. And that’s to enroll in a school that is meeting in-person – mostly private schools. But that’s not the option for everybody and we all need to support those who are finding themselves in one of their toughest working spots yet. Hence the reason for this episode.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #118 and we are going to look at removing stranger danger from referrals.   

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