Removing Stranger Danger with Referrals

Ep #118: Removing ‘Stranger Danger’ with Referrals

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Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

Recently – while working with a new VIP student (VIP is one of my levels available for the Growth By Referrals program) – she made a powerful and very true statement. She said to me, “Stacey, I don’t give my money to strangers. But I don’t know anything about you and I’m working with you at your highest level.”

It reminded me of the childhood lesson of “stranger danger” and how perfectly it applies to referrals.  And I’m sure on the surface that may make a lot of sense to you.

But on this episode we dig in to two powerful reasons why referrals removes stranger danger from your prospects. You can’t have one without the other.

I hope this episode inspires you to re-commit to doing the work to receive the referrals you deserve.

After listening to this episode, please let us know a time when being referred removed your fear of stranger danger.  Share in our Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and on the episode #118 post.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #119 and we are looking at three ways to make it easy to gather testimonials.    

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