Your Referral Strategy: A Layered Approach

Ep #125: Your Referral Strategy: A Layered Approach

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Here’s Some Episode Highlights:

Just a quick note: Since we released this episode and how we teach the layers of a referable business, we have improved the concept of “layers” or “building blocks” to be more holistic. With this in mind, below we have linked to the new “Building a Referable Business Roadmap” which outlines all 18 strategies we teach. You will notice the overlap with what I teach in this episode but the document you download will look different.

Your referral strategy is actually a layered one.

Six layers in fact.

In this episode, I break down all 6 layers allowing you to identify which layers you have, gaps you have and where to start to improve your overall referral strategy.

To make this episode click, I suggest you download the Building a Referable Business Roadmap – an expanded look on the layered approach.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #126 and we’re turning our attention to the Reverse Goal Setting process… because this year, more than ever, we need to get clear on a few things prior to 2021.

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