Calculating Your 3 Year Milestones

Ep #128: Calculating Your 3 Year Milestones

Episode #128 Show Notes:

We're about to wrap up our Gratitude In Action movement... why don't you join and pay it forward for Thanksgiving?  Here's where you join the movement.

Here's Some Episode Highlights:

We continue with the 5 - 3 - 1 process and start connecting the dots of how our goals will unfold for next year.
If you set your 5 Year Vision, then you're ready to calculate your 3 Year Milestones.
For each vision point you determined at the 5 year level, you need to figure out where you need to be 3 years to know you are on pace with making the 5 year vision a reality.
Some 5 year vision points need only one 3 year milestone and some need more.
I explain it all on this episode.
If you're following along in the workbook, then page 5 walks you through it. And yes, once again I really am asking you to write down your age three years from now!

Here are the Reverse Goal Setting resources:

Pop Up Facebook Group (hop in there now as I go deeper than I can on the podcast with each step!)
Live Masterclass Training 
With this Reverse Goal Setting™ Process, we're going to tackle our goals this year completely different than any year before. Seems fitting, right?

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #129 and we move to the final step in the 5 - 3 - 1 of the Reverse Goal Setting™ process.
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