Ep #148: Breaking Down Layers #5 of Your Referral Strategy

Just a quick note: Since we released this episode and how we teach the layers of a referable business, we have improved the concept of “layers” or “building blocks” to be more holistic. With this in mind, below we have linked to the new “Building a Referable Business Roadmap” which outlines all 18 strategies we teach. You will notice the overlap with what I teach in this episode but the document you download will look different.

Highlights from the Episode:

We are continuing with breaking down the six layers of the referral strategy with layer #5, which is focused on planting referral seeds with new clients.

This episode brings into light an area we haven’t discussed on the podcast in way too long… which is having a sticky client experience and being referable.

This is where it all starts – you being referable by how you create and execute on your client experience – so it’s fitting we use this opportunity to dive in deeper.

On this episode we look at the new client stage and planting client experience referral seeds during it but we will also use this as a launch pad to dig in to what it means to build a sticky client experience.

If your looking for the other episodes on the 6 layers of the referral strategy, here they are:

On episode #138, I broke down layer #1 which is the Existing Referral Source layer.

On episode #139, you met David Ferguson, a financial planner who shares his experience building layer #1 of his referral strategy.

On episode #141, I broke down layer #2 which is the Potential Referral Source layer. Potential referral sources are the clients and contacts who haven’t yet referred you.

On episode #142, you met Jackie Ho, an architect who walks us through what it was like building the 2nd layer of the referral strategy, a plan to create new referral sources, have more people referring her.

On episode #147, I broke down layers #3 and #4 which is planting referral seeds during the buyer’s journey for referred and non-referred prospects.

I suggest you download the Building a Referable Business Roadmap – an expanded look on the layered approach.

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If you need to go back and catch up on our series on Referral Sources, here’s the previous episodes:

In episode #135  we pulled together our referral sources from the last few years plus rated our relationship with them.

In episode #136 , we used those results to calculate two very important numbers – our average referrals for the year and our referral explosion potential (if we’re willing to do the work)!

And in episode #137 we learned how to determine which of our referral sources are active or inactive.

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #149 and we have a special “on-location” episode coming up.

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