7 Tips from Hard Lessons Learned Through Business Failure

EP#001: Seven Ways I Overcame a Business Failure

In today’s episode we are taking a look at the seven ways I was intentional about making my second business more successful than my first business (aka my business failure).

Here are some highlights:

Lesson #1: I talk about the importance of protecting your mindset and how listening to a well-meaning colleague’s bad advice set me on the path to failure. I give 3 ways I now protect my mindset.

Lesson #2: Why focusing on the activities that drive bringing in new clients can only be done with a plan and a way to measure that plan.

Lesson #3: Why you shouldn’t be afraid of projections in your business.

Lesson #4: How figuring out how to generate referrals changed everything.

Lesson #5: If you can’t scale when you are drowning but you aren’t ready to scale just yet, how do you figure out how to scale? I’ll tell you how I did it.

Lesson #6: Why being distraction prone and procrastination prone led me to get an office space away from the house.

Lesson #7: When to hire help and seek support.

To download the guide for more resources and templates for all 7 tips I mentioned, including a more complete link of mindset books, copy of my dashboard, and more – click here.

Links to Show Resources

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks
You are a Bada$$ at Making Money by Jen Sincero

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