Ep #190: Q&A Episode

What’s Coming Up

It’s time for our annual Business Building Giveaway… 14 hours of giving away resources to help you fall in love (or back in love) with running and growing your business.  We give away prizes every hour for 14 hours (in honor of Valentine’s Day).  To win you need to sign up!  Deadline to register is Sunday, February 13th at midnight EST.

This Week’s Episode

As we do with every 10th episode, I’m answer listener submitted questions.  And these two questions are good ones!

First up I address the importance of separating your client experience (what happens for every client) from your referral experience (what happens only for your referral sources).

And then I share a little bit of behind the scenes of the weekly sessions of Building a Referable Business™ (BRB).  BRB is our comprehensive program where you access all of my referral strategies plus gain 1-on-1 and group access to me throughout the year. A listener asked (which made me chuckle) “If you’re meeting every week, what kinds of questions are being asked.”  So fun answering this one since the questions run the gambit.

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Looking for Referral & Client Experience Resources:

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  2. Buy my book – Generating Business Referrals Without Asking – and learn how to generate referrals through my 5 steps. (LESS THAN $16)
  3. Consider joining Building a Referable Business™ – a unique way to learn all of my referral strategies and tactics with ongoing weekly access to me to answer your questions and help hold you accountable!  Email me for more details.

Coming Up:

Next episode is #191 and we’re investigating the overuse of “referrals” in marketing to get your attention.

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