Neil Tyra talks referrals and lessons learned

Ep #014: Bumpy Road of Entrepreneurship with Neil Tyra

I am thrilled to have my friend and Growth By Referrals student Neil Tyra on the show today. He has a fascinating journey of entrepreneurship from a karate studio to law firm.  And it seems he was locked in to making as many mistakes as he could.

Well, not really, but he does share a number of the mistakes he made but also he shares some of the right choices he made.

Here are some highlights:

In this episode we hear from Neil on his journey from corporate employee, to owning a karate studio, to going to law school later in life and and then starting his own law firm.

We have a great chat about business owners’ obsession with easy (we are all guilty of it) and why staying consistent is so important if you want to produce results.

We also dive in to cultivating referral sources from around the country and world, not just those you can meet for coffee on a regular basis.

And Neil will end with his favorite business advice.

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The Law Entrepreneur podcast

The Tyra Law Firm

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #015 – we are diving in to the 5 steps to generate referrals.  I can’t wait to show you how easy these five steps are to unleashing a referral explosion.

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