Never Ask for Referrals

Ep #003: Why You Never Ask for Referrals

In this episode we are unpacking three main reasons why you don’t ask for referrals.

Here are some highlights:

More than likely you are very familiar with the first major reason we don’t ask for referrals – the uncomfortable factor. Either you have felt it (yes!) and you could tell the person you were asking felt it (yes, yes!).

We sense the uncomfortable factor when it comes to asking for referrals…but why?

Well the answer to the uncomfortable factor (Reason #1 for not asking) lies in the other two reasons for why we shouldn’t ask for referrals.

Reason #2 is the Commoditization Factor regarding the relationship you have with your referral sources or soon-to-be referral sources. In the episode I dive in to why asking commoditizes the relationship.

Reason #3 is more subtle but it is Forcing the Process.

To understand how you force the process when you ask for referrals, you have to know the definition of referrals (the reason they are so powerful), the players in the referral process and their distinct roles.

You can generate referrals without asking and it starts with focusing on building genuine and authentic relationships.

Coming up in the next episode, I am uncovering the one key ingredient you need to receive referrals.

To download the episode freebie I mentioned – the Referral Process Players & Their Roles – click here.

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