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Ep #007: What to do When You Need More Referral Sources (Part Two)

In this episode, we are following up on the final two steps in how to increase the number of people who are referring you new clients.  This is part two of a two-part episode. The first episode in this series is #006.

Here are some highlights:

We start out by quickly reviewing episode #006 at a high level. We go over the basics of referral sources including the definition, identify the two main types of referral sources, and define your mix of sources.

Then we review the common misconceptions of referral sources which stops people from correctly increasing their referral sources.

Now picking up where we left off in Episode #006…we dive into the final two steps of the process (of the four step process) when we want to increase our referral sources.

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Step #3a: Adding More Clients as Referral Sources

Since step 1 allowed us to assess who has been referring to us – if we have any referral sources – now we need to look at who wasn’t on the list that should be. Meaning clients that aren’t referring you now and who you would like to be referring you.

Step #3b: Adding More COIs as Referral Sources

Same process as step 3a – we need to look at the COIs who weren’t on the list and we would like them to be on the list.   Then we go a little deeper and consider the profile of our ideal COI referral source.  This is an extra step we don’t have to do with clients since those are easily identifiable.

Step 4: Review & Answer

We finish up the four step process by answering 3 important questions that allow us to determine our path forward.

You can find these three questions along with all four steps in the mini-workbook.  You can download it here.

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #008 – I want to make sure I am crystal clear on what a referral is and is not. My guess is you’re likely been thinking about referrals all wrong.

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