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Ep #020: Burning Questions From Our Listeners

In this episode we are diving in to answer listener questions.  We do this format every 10th episode.   If you want your questions answered on the podcast about referrals, sticky client experiences, business growth and productivity…make sure to let me know. Easiest way to submit a question is in the FB group, Referrals Without Asking.

Here are some highlights:

We have questions about:
-How best to turn clients into raving fans

-A discussion on if we compensate for referrals (you may or may not love my answer on this one!)

-How best to track referrals (we talk excel vs. CRM)

-How to turn receiving one referral into an “avalanche” of referrals.

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #021 – we are covering Thanksgiving thoughts about our referral sources.

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