How to Finish What You Start

Ep #078: How to Finish What You Start

This episode is sponsored by my Goal Finishers Club… a monthly accountability group where we track your goals, check-in every month and you earn gold stars plus prizes for crushing your goals.  Learn more at!  We have some amazing business owners who have already joined and taken advantage of the early bird discount!  You should too!

Here are some highlights:

As I have said many times during this goals series on the podcast – setting goals is easy.  Accomplishing them is not.

Throughout this Reverse Goal Setting series – starting with episode #073 – we’ve tackled the entire process of how we set goal so we have a better chance to finish them.  Now we need to shift the conversation to accomplishing, finishing, crushing our goals.

So in this episode I am ecstatic to introduce you to Kevin Smith, CEO and Founder of Solutions Unlimited.

Spoiler alert – he participated in the Goal Finishers Club this year (2019) and CRUSHED three goals.

One goal was worth an additional $100,000 in bottom line revenue to his business in 2019 alone.

He will share how he acted different to finally accomplish his goals including involving his team in the process.

And another goal he accomplished was being able to take his FIRST 2 week vacation from work in 10 YEARS!

10 YEARS people.

Okay, I’m not giving anymore away… you just gotta listen to this interview.


Remember, we are going through this process to create the version of the future we are actually willing to work for.

You cannot accomplish this step without first going through the first four steps so if you are behind, catch up using the link below and listen as I break down each step.

Episode #073 – Step One

Episode #074 – Step Two

Episode #075 – Step Three

Episode #076 – Step Four

If you follow along with the episodes and download the worksheet for each episode, this process will be a breeze to determine what you need to accomplish next year.

Once you listened to this episode, please hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and give Kevin some love!  He was nervous but did an amazing job!  Let’s get the conversation started!

Resources Mentioned During the Episode:

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #079 where you will meet another business owner – just like you – who crushed her goals in 2019! Don’t miss it!

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