Reverse Goal Setting - The goals that haunt us

Ep #077: Here’s to the Goals that Haunt Us

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Here are some highlights:

Do you have a goal that haunts you? You know the one (or two)… you’ve said for years you would accomplish it and yet there it is… year after year… still on your list. That’s because setting goals is easy.

Accomplishing them is not.

Throughout this Reverse Goal Setting series – starting with episode #073 – we’ve tackled the entire process of how we set goal so we have a better chance to finish them.  Now we need to shift the conversation to accomplishing, finishing, crushing our goals.

To make this process easier, please use the link below to download the Execution Prep worksheet that goes along with this episode!

Download the Reverse Goal Setting Worksheet,
Execution Prep

Execution Prep for Reverse Goal Setting

This step is all about getting really honest about how we work best, how we motivate ourselves and what it takes to make things happen.

Also, in this step we look at some loose calendar planning to help us identify what we need to take into account for next year.

Then we switch gears to focusing on first quarter only!

Remember, we are going through this process to create the version of the future we are actually willing to work for.

You cannot accomplish this step without first going through the first four steps…

Episode #073 – Step One

Episode #074 – Step Two

Episode #075 – Step Three

Episode #076 – Step Four

If you follow along with the episodes and download the worksheet for each episode, this process will be a breeze to determine what you need to accomplish next year.

Once you finished this episode and completed your part three worksheet, please hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and share with me one of your 2020 goals.  Let’s get the conversation started!

Resources Mentioned During the Episode:

Don’t forget to download the worksheet to make this process easy-peasy!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #078 where you will meet a business owner – just like you – who crushed his goals in 2019 and was well rewarded financially! Don’t miss it!

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