referral lies we believe - but should not

Ep #009: Lies We Believe About Referrals

There are five main lies or myths we believe about referrals. Do you know what they are? In this episode we are dive in to two of the top lies we believe about referrals that holds us back from fully embracing what referrals can do for our business.

Here are some highlights:

The top 5 lies we believe about referrals:

  1. To receive referrals, I must ask and that makes me uncomfortable
  2. To receive referrals, I have to always be networking and know a lot of people
  3. I have to pay or incentivize to receive them.
  4. It takes so much time to generate referrals, time I don’t have
  5. Receiving referrals cannot be controlled

During the show we dive in to the first two myths (above) – the fear-based myths.  We look at why we believe these myths and the evidence of what we have been taught in the past.  These two fears are based on the misconception of how you should generate referrals.  When we don’t understand how referrals work, we are susceptible to these lies.

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Coming Up:

Coming up in the next episode – #010 – (double digits baby!) we have a special episode for our listeners.  It is a Q&A format (question and answer) and I am answering questions on generating referrals in a saturated market, B2B referrals and not sounding desperate when you are available for new clients!

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