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Ep #039: The Magic of Small Plans

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Here are some highlights:

Do you have big goals?

I hope you do.

Those big goals that get you all excited and scared at the same time!?!

Do you know how those big goals are accomplished?

Small Plans.

But not just any type of small plans.

In this episode we discuss what is a small plan – it is not the long list of steps you need to take to accomplish the goal.  A small plan is even smaller than that.

And when you tackle your goals through a series of small plans, that is when you make big things happen. That is when you find some very special kind of magic!

Listen in to this episode to learn how to create small plans for your goals. And download the template you can follow along as you create your first small plan.

Download the Small Plans Template

magic of small plans

Then hop into the Referrals Without Asking Facebook group and share which small plan you created as you listened to this episode and completed the exercise. Making small plans is a crucial exercise on the path to tackling and conquering your goals. Let’s get the conversation started!

I mention the Goal Setters Club during this episode. If you are interested in being held accountable as you complete your goals this year, then definitely check out this monthly club. It’s never too late to join and cost only about a $1 per day!

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Coming Up:

The next episode is episode #040…and with every 10th episode I answer your questions with a special guests interviewer asking me the questions. And this little one goes off script!

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