Ep #103: Goals Reset? Maybe. Maybe Not.

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Here are some episode highlights:

With summer now upon us and the back half of 2020 quickly approaching, you might be wondering if – with all your business has been through in the last almost 3 months – it’s time to reset your goals.

Well maybe. Or maybe not.

In this episode – first of 3 in a series – I walk you through a process called labeling. It’s a first important step in determining what your goals needs for the second half of this year.

Labeling is an important first step to determining the path or direction you should follow as you move into the final 6 months of the year. You start by identifying – or naming – what your business has experienced. Then you can assess the goals you set to determine your next course of action.

The three labels to consider applying to the last 3 months and what you business has experienced are:

  1. Adjustments
  2. Set Backs
  3. Pivots

There is a fourth option – doom and gloom – which I recognize is a reality for some but for this episode we focus on the first three.

Once you listened to this episode and labeled where you are right now – I need you to share it with me.

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Think You Need to Go Deeper in Your Exploration of a Goals Reset?

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Coming Up:

Next episode is #104 and we continue with part 2 of this 3-part series on resetting your goals.

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